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Transmission Rebuilding & Gear Repair Specialist Tauranga

Over 55 Years of Off-Highway Drive Train expertise

Transmission Component Rebuilding Centre has built its reputation on delivering our customers the best Quality Transmission and Components, whether it’s a Truck, a Container Ship or a 400-ton Mining Shovel.

We rebuild them all

Our experienced and trained technicians with leading-edge Diagnostics and Dyno Testing Equipment are fully equipped to handle virtually any off-highway transmission repair. We rebuild ZF Powershift Transmissions, ZF Astronic, Ecomat Transmatic, TC Tronics and Ecolife, Cat, Dana, Komatsu and John Deere.

Planetary Axles

ZF, Dana, Carraro, Axletech and Kessler.

Machine Shop

Transmission Component & Rebuilding Centre also features a Machine Shop to repair Shafts, Casings and Components and any worn parts.

Cutting Edge Diagnostics

textbox transmission diagnotics tool logo

The diagnostic tool for heavy equipment

TestBox directly diagnoses transmission problems for on- and off-road heavy vehicles.

How Our TestBox Works

With TestBox we can directly diagnose transmission problems for any on- and off-road vehicle and verify whether a transmission is performing properly by measuring sensors and solenoids, and displaying the results on an easy-to-read screen.

If the issue is due to bad sensors, connectors, harnesses or solenoids, our TestBox allows us to override the OEM controls to the transmission and move the stalled heavy equipment off the road or to a nearby garage, saving you time and money.

transmission diagnosis on-road and off-road heavy vehicles
Client Testimonial

One of our truck-mounted cranes was stalled. This truck has a MD3060 Allison transmission that we could not get to run. It was explained to me that the TestBox is a diagnostic tool that works on many different makes and models of transmissions, including this truck’s transmission.

The TestBox went through the automatic solenoid checks and shifted the transmission through its gears. Apparently, the transmission was working and the problem was coming from the truck’s electronics.

With the TestBox, this non-operating truck was actually driven to a nearby crane shop, where they could fix it.

Transmission Rebuilding specialist

Off-Road Transport / Mining / Earthmoving

Repair or rebuild

We rebuild and dynamometer (dyno) test transmissions from off-road commercial vehicles, whether dump trucks, bulldozers, mining vehicles, container handling equipment, or forklift transmissions.

We can save you thousands of dollars. Repairs cost a fraction of replacement parts. Do not throw it out! Give us a call first!
Phone 07 5420557 or Mobile 021 1653186

...and many more


We Dynotest all of our remanufactured units.

Transmissions and torque converters are tested under application conditions using a load cell, and all transmissions are electronically calibrated during the dynotest. Hydraulic, electro-hydraulic and electronically controlled valve bodies are also tested on our specialized test stands.

Our clutch simulator enables us to dynotest many of today’s automated transmissions that utilize a dry clutch assembly. We have even adapted our test stand to dynotest various axle and transfer case assemblies to ensure reliability and functionality.

Many of our customers see the benefit in knowing that a fully dynotested unit is going to calibrate and operate flawlessly in their machine.

transmission dynotesting new zealand

Road transport

Rebuild or service exchange

We can rebuild your transmission from your 40 ton Mack truck to your 50 seats 5-star luxury coach. Road transportation plays an essential role in both inbound and outbound logistics, vital for the New Zealand economy growth. We assist in keeping trucks and busses on the road with our gearboxes and diff heads rebuilds.

...and many more

Transmission Rebuilds Gear Repair Tauranga

Marine Transmissions

From pleasure craft to heavy commercial

We rebuild all marine transmission from small pleasure crafts to 1,200 feet containerships.

...and many more

We can save you thousands of dollars.

Repairs cost a fraction of replacement parts.
Do not throw it out! Give us a call first!

Phone 07 5420557 Mobile 021 1653186

Gear Repair Specialist

With more than 55 years of successful gear repair experience, we now offer you this unique service to repair all broken and worn gears and splines to standard tooth profiles and pitches. All our repairs are done to 100% OEM standards.

Our gear repair service reduces unnecessary replacement of gears and components, saving you on import costs and contribute to the New Zealand economy by keeping money in New Zealand.

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Repairs cost a fraction of replacement parts.
Do not throw it out! Give us a call first!

Phone 07 5420557 or Mobile 021 1653186

All our repairs are guaranteed and insured against faulty workmanship.
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